Contractions before the 37th week

Our today topic is 37 weeks pregnant what to expect.We will talk about 37 weeks pregnant what to expect?Uterine contractions or regular or frequent pain (more than 7 in one day) felt before 37 weeks of pregnancy may indicate premature labor . These sensations are often accompanied by more abundant vaginal discharge, resembling thick gelatin. As the contractions work the cervix and the cervix may start to fade (to thin), it is possible that these losses are actually the mucous plug that comes off.

If you think you have real contractions before 37 th week of pregnancy, quickly contact your doctor, midwife or nurse from the hospital where you have chosen to give birth.

In some cases, it is possible to stop premature work, provided you consult it quickly.

37 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect 

The real contractions
False contractions
Differences between contractions and stomach pains
The real contractions
The real contractions uterine are regular, lasting at least 20 seconds and increase in intensity and frequency. They are accompanied by a hardening of the uterus and are more and more painful. The pain felt during the first contractions can be compared to that of menstrual cramps.

If you feel real contractions from the 37 th week, do not worry. It’s probably your job that starts.

False contractions
However, the contractions you feel may not be true contractions. Many women experience irregular, non-work-related contractions throughout their pregnancy. These are the contractions of Braxton-Hicks. You may feel it if you have changed position quickly, if you have been standing for a long time, if you have made a physical effort (eg, climbing the steps of a staircase) or if you have had sex. For some women, these contractions are uncomfortable while for others they are not. Check out our contractions sheet to know the differences between true and false contractions.

It’s baby moving!
If you feel small electric shocks near the cervix, spasms of a few seconds recalling menstrual cramps or pressure on the bladder, know that they are not contractions. It’s more like sensations caused by your baby’s movements.
Differences between contractions and stomach pains
Some stomach aches related to health problems can sometimes pass for contractions, for example heartburn , cramps in the intestine, urinary tract infection and ligament pains. Here are some guidelines to help you differentiate them.

Heartburn : You have a burning sensation in the upper belly (esophagus) because of the excess acidity.
Bowel cramps : they are manifested by pain all over the belly. They can be caused by diarrhea or constipation .
Urinary infection : in addition to the usual symptoms (urge and frequent urination, burning when you urinate, urine in small amounts), this infection can cause a stomach or back pain. It is very important to consult a doctor if you think you are suffering from a urinary tract infection .
Ligament Pain : You feel an uncomfortable stretch or pain in your lower abdomen. Ligament pain occurs primarily when you are doing certain movements, physical exertion, or long walks, and even when you turn in your bed at night. Safe for you and your baby, this pain appears more often in the second pregnancy.


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