Pregnancy: prepare yourself for the arrival of baby

Our today topic is arrival of baby.We will talk about arrival of baby,how to prepare yourself for the arrival of baby?It is time to get ready for work, delivery, and to come home with your baby.

What you can do:
Talk to other mothers about labor and delivery. Ask them how they felt during the first weeks at home.
Talk to your health care provider to explain what work and delivery look like.
Take a guided tour of the hospital.

Pregnancy: Prepare Yourself For The Arrival Of Baby

Choose who will be with you during labor and delivery.
Make a list of things your baby will need. Ask friends and family if they have things you could borrow. Buy the things your baby needs, a few things at a time.
Decide where your baby will sleep. Prepare this place. It is safer for your baby to sleep in your room, in a cot .
Plan for help from family and friends during the first few weeks at home.
Think about why babies cry and what you can do to calm them down.
Learn about breastfeeding .
Inquire about taking time off work.
Rest when you can. Ask for help when you need it.
Learn about group programs that help new parents.


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