Back pain during pregnancy

Our today topic is back pain during pregnancy.We will talk about back pain during pregnancy.Back pain during pregnancy affects 75% of pregnant women. Back Pain During PregnancyThey may be caused by the weight of the belly (one curts the back to compensate) or by the fact that the ligaments are more relaxed during pregnancy in preparation for delivery.

Tips to relieve you
Swim or aquaform.
Do prenatal yoga.
Elevate your legs when lying down.

Back Pain During Pregnancy

On all fours on the ground, make the round back then return to the neutral position. Repeat several times.Back Pain During Pregnancy
Lying on the floor with your legs bent, place your lower back on the floor and release. Repeat several times.
Eventually, you may take acetaminophen to relieve yourself, but it is important to talk to your doctor at your consultation. You can also apply an ointment of triethanolamine salicylate to the area of ​​pain.




Sleep During Pregnancy





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