1st trimester: physical changes and common ailments

Our today topic is body changes during pregnancy.Body Changes During PregnancyWe will talk about body changes during pregnancy.We will discuss about body changes during pregnancy.You have just learned that you are pregnant. You are happy, but perhaps also destabilized if it was not planned, or a little worried about what awaits you, especially if it is your first pregnancy. The first weeks may seem difficult because even if your pregnancy does not yet appear, your body undergoes many transformations.

The major physical changes you’ll notice in the 1 st quarter and the most common ailments that can affect you.

Body Changes During Pregnancy

Physical changes
Stopping menstruation
Your uterus will expand: it will grow from the size of a pear to that of a cantaloupe during the first months of pregnancy. From 2 th month of pregnancy, it increases by 4 cm in height per month.
Your breasts begin to gain volume: they become heavier and more sensitive.Body Changes During Pregnancy
To fill the needs of the fetus , the pulse of your heart increases and it will be so until the end of your pregnancy.
The effect of hormones causes a drop in your blood pressure.
You feel breathless . Many pregnant women become more aware of their breathing. You will also notice that you produce a lot of saliva and sometimes excessive.
You start to gain some weight . Some women may lose it due to nausea and vomiting .
Common ailments
Pregnancy affects the entire body of women: cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, nervous, reproductive and urinary systems. It is therefore normal that over the months, you feel some discomfort and pain.

Below is a list of the most common ailments during the first trimester. To find out more about one of these problems, consult the form by clicking on the name.

Nasal congestion and nosebleedsBody Changes During Pregnancy
Frequent urge to urinate
Nausea and vomiting
Vaginal discharge
Mood swings
Take note of your symptoms and discuss them with your health care professional during your Body Changes During Pregnancymeetings. Do not hesitate to contact him between your appointments or to call Info-Santé (811) if you have any concerns. Some over-the- counter medications can help relieve some ailments, but it’s important to talk to a doctor or pharmacist before using them.

emotions in pregnancy

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