Fever during pregnancy: an alarm signal

Our today topic is fever during pregnancy.We will talk about fever during pregnancy.What are the causes of fever during pregnancy?fever during pregnancyWhat are the treatments of fever during pregnancy?During pregnancy, fever, even slight, should be closely monitored. In fact, a mild fever that lasts more than 24 hours or a fever of 38.5 ° C or more can be harmful for pregnancy. High temperature can be a symptom of an infection that needs to be treated (eg , urinary tract infection , listeriosis , 5th disease , measles ). Infections are an important cause of premature birth.

For this reason, consult a doctor if:

you have fever, even slight, and you have no symptoms that may suggest that you have a cold;
your fever is related to a cold and lasts more than 24 hours (temperature taken by the mouth which varies between 38 and 38,4 ° C);fever during pregnancy
your temperature, taken by mouth 2 times, is 38.5 ° C or higher;
you have big chills;
you do not feel well or are worried.

Fever During Pregnancy

How to treat a mild fever?

To lower fever, you can take acetaminophen (eg Tylenol®, Atasol®). However, avoid taking fever during pregnancyibuprofen (eg, Advil®, Motrin®) without first talking to the professional following your pregnancy, as it is not safe to use for the duration of the pregnancy. Indeed, taking ibuprofen for the first few weeks may be associated with an increased risk of miscarriage . In addition, taking ibuprofen in the third trimester may cause kidney and heart damage.fever during pregnancy

Do you have any concerns? your health professional. If you are more than 16 to 20 weeks pregnant , you can also call the obstetrics department of the hospital where you have to give birth.


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