Headaches during pregnancy

Our today topic is headaches during pregnancy.We will talk about headaches during pregnancy.Headaches During PregnancyWhat are the causes of headaches during pregnancy?You are happy to be pregnant, but you would be fine with your headaches? You are not alone. In fact, 15% of women experience more intense headaches during pregnancy. These headaches can have several causes: hormonal changes, increased blood circulation, nasal congestion, stress, fatigue or low blood sugar.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce or relieve your headaches.

Avoid coffee , tea , chocolate, stress or bright lights, all of which can trigger headaches.
Apply warm or cold compresses to your forehead or neck, or take a hot bath (but not too hot).
Massage your scalp. This can give you some relief.
Eat balanced meals , in small portions, and healthy snacks.
Drink a lot of water

Headaches During Pregnancy

Avoid stressful situations and work overloads. Practice relaxation techniques
Make sure you sleep a sufficient number of hours and give yourself rest periods during the day.
Consult your pharmacist or your doctor whether you can take medication to relieve pain.
If these measures are not sufficient, you can take acetaminophen . However, avoid ibuprofen . This medication is safe during breastfeeding.Headaches During Pregnancy

If you have severe headaches, you must be alert. They may be a sign of preeclampsia (hypertension with protein in the urine). This state carries risks for the health of the pregnant woman and the baby. Other signs and symptoms may also be present such as stomach pain or blurred vision. It is important to contact your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.


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