Premature labor and delivery

Our today topic is how to prevent preterm labor?We will talk about how to prevent preterm labor?We will share the best answer of how to prevent preterm labor?As a rule, pregnancy lasts 37 to 42 weeks. Premature labor is work that starts too early (before 37 weeks). It can cause your baby to be born prematurely.

Babies born prematurely can have health problems. They may need special care at the hospital.

What are the signs of premature labor?
What should I do if any of these signs occur?
What can I do to help my baby be born at the right time?
What are the signs of premature labor?how to prevent preterm labor
Of bleeding from the vagina.
Sudden increase in vaginal discharge .
Sudden change in the type of loss (mucous, fluid, blood) from the vagina.
You feel that something is wrong.

How To Prevent Preterm Labor

You have cramps similar to those associated with menstruation.
Feeling of pressure, as if the baby was pushing down.
A smelly liquid flows out of the vagina and itchy.
Frequent contractions (tightening in the belly ( uterus )) that do not go away.
Contractions that get closer and become stronger.
Abdominal pain that does not stop (with or without diarrhea).
Water flows from the to prevent preterm labor
Dull pains (internal pains that are not strong) in the lower back that are different from those that you usually feel.
Urgent or frequent need to urinate .
What should I do if any of these signs occur?
Go to the hospital immediately.

There are some things your health professional can do to help you.

Although it’s impossible to prevent all premature births, there are still some things you can do to reduce the risk of premature to prevent preterm labor

What can I do to help my baby be born at the right time?
Try to quit or smoke less.
Ask people around you not to smoke when they are near you.
Take the time to rest every day.
Start seeing your health professional as early as possible early in your pregnancy.
Go to a group program for pregnant women ( prenatal classes ) early in your pregnancy.
Go see your health care provider if it hurts when you to prevent preterm labor
Check with your health care professional if a bad-smelling liquid is leaking from your vagina and itchy.
Learn the signs of premature labor and what to do if you feel it. Also tell the person who is taking care of you.
Be aware of the changes your body undergoes during pregnancy. Talk to your healthcare professional about anything that is wrong.
Find ways to manage stress in your life. Talk to your health care professional or public health nurse.
Eat healthy foods .

Bleeding During Pregnancy


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