Swelling in the legs and feet during pregnancy

Our today topic is how to reduce swelling during pregnancy.We will share the best solution for how to reduce swelling during pregnancy?During pregnancy, the blood circulation slows down and the growth of the uterus increases the pressure on the main blood vessels of the belly. This can cause swelling of the legs and feet, or so-called “edema”.

Almost 80% of pregnant women experience this kind of inconvenience. Warm weather and standing or sitting posture can make the problem worse.

How To Reduce Swelling During Pregnancy

Follow the tips below to reduce swelling of your legs and feet:

Avoid standing or sitting for long periods.
Avoid wearing tight clothing at the waist and legs.
Place your feet and legs in an elevated position at least twice a day.
Do more physical activity . Try to walk or swim.
Ask your doctor if you should wear support stockings.
Consult your doctor if swelling becomes general (in the hands and face for example). Swelling becomes more of a concern when accompanied by high blood pressure and protein in the urine.


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