Twins and triplets What To Expect During A Multiple Pregnancy

Our today topic is multiple pregnancy symptoms.We will talk about multiple pregnancy symptoms.What are the causes of multiple pregnancy?What are the multiple pregnancy symptoms?Multiple Pregnancy Symptoms

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Different types of multiple births
The risks
Pregnancy monitoring
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Learning that twins or triplets are expected can raise many questions for parents. Here is what you need to know about multiple pregnancy to better understand and live this adventure.

Different types of multiple births

Multiple Pregnancy Symptoms


There are two types of twins.

The identical twins
An egg is fertilized by a spermatozoon, forming an embryo. The latter is then divided into 2 new embryos that will develop side by side. Both babies have the same genes and are identical. They may or may not share the same placenta. They are then identical twins. The birth of identical twins occurs about 1 time out of 250 births.Multiple Pregnancy Symptoms
False twins
Two different eggs are fertilized by two different spermatozoa. The two developing embryos each have their own genetic background. The twins then have no more similarities than brothers and sisters. This type of twin represents from 1 to 1.25 births out of 100.
The triplets

The design of triplets can occur in 3 different ways.

Three identical babies
An egg is fertilized by a spermatozoon. Only one embryo is thus formed. The latter is then divided into 3 new embryos that develop side by side.
Three different babies
Three eggs are fertilized by three different spermatozoa. The three developing embryos each have their own genetic background. The triplets then have no more similarities than brothers and sisters.
Two identical babies and a different baby
Two eggs are fertilized by two different spermatozoa. One of the embryos then divides into two new embryos. It is the babies of the dividing embryo that will be identical; the other will have its own genetic background.Multiple Pregnancy Symptoms

Is there an increase in the number of twins?
For about forty years, the number of twins has increased. In 1981, the proportion of multiple births in Canada was 1.8%. In 2014, in Quebec, it was 3%. According to Statistics Canada, triplets represent only 0.1% of all births.

Multiple Pregnancy Symptoms

There are two reasons for this increase. First, women are now further delaying the age of motherhood, while the incidence of multiple pregnancies increases with the age of the mother. Secondly, fertility treatments would also be more common. Ovarian stimulation with hormones and in vitro fertilization are indeed procedures that increase the chances of conceiving twins.

The risks

A pregnant woman with twins should consume 600 kcal more per day. Doctors also recommend taking a supplement of 60 to 100 mg of iron and 1 mg of folic acid because of the increase in blood volume and the risk of anemia.Multiple Pregnancy Symptoms
Multiple pregnancies are considered at-risk pregnancies since all the risks associated with a normal pregnancy are higher.

Risks for the mother

Women who have multiple pregnancies are more likely to have anemia because the extra blood volume is greater than for normal pregnancy.
The heartbeat accelerates to pump the excess blood. In addition, pregnant women with twins are at higher risk of developing high blood pressure or preeclampsia during pregnancy.
A large amount of amniotic fluid can form and cause kidney problems.
Pregnant mothers of twins are also more likely to suffer from pregnancy diabetes .
The lungs and abdominal organs of the mother are more compressed since babies take up a lot of space.
Risks for babies

Babies lack space faster. This can trigger premature labor. About 60% of multiple babies are born before the end of pregnancy. It is estimated that half of twins are born before the 36 th week and half of triplets, before the 32 th week.
Premature labor can start on its own, but it can be caused for various reasons: one of the babies is no longer growing properly, the mother is suffering from high blood pressure or there is a problem with the placenta.Multiple Pregnancy Symptoms
Twins and triplets are more likely to have a congenital anomaly. These malformations affect about 4% of twins, whereas they are observed in 2% of single births.
Some identical twins can also develop the transfused-transfused syndrome. This happens when one baby receives more blood than the other. In some cases, the growth of one of the babies can be slowed down.
Pregnancy monitoring

The doctor may suspect that the mother is expecting twins when she performs the physical examination. Women who have twins usually have a larger uterus. Moreover, when the doctor listens to the baby’s heart with a Doppler device, he can hear 2 different heart rhythms. However, it is usually at the time of ultrasound that the presence of twins will be confirmed.

Since multiple pregnancy is considered at risk, it requires a little tighter follow-up. Pregnant women with twins or triplets who are followed by a family doctor or midwife will usually also benefit from joint follow-up with a specialized obstetrician.Multiple Pregnancy Symptoms

During the 2 e part of pregnancy, the number of medical visits and examinations will be higher. For example, more ultrasound will be done to check that babies are developing well. The goal of this tighter surveillance is to prevent premature delivery and to quickly detect complications that could compromise the health of the mother and babies.


In the case of a multiple pregnancy, the choice of hospital of birth must take into account several factors (age of pregnancy, known complications, availability of qualified personnel, etc.). Work is more likely to be premature and there is also a greater risk that the work will have to be triggered for a medical reason.

In 80% of cases, the first baby presents itself by the head. Vaginal delivery is recommended. If the first baby is placed in a seat, caesarean section is the most common option, but a vaginal birth is also possible under certain conditions.

For a vaginal delivery, it is the first twin that has the role of dilating the cervix and vaginal canal. It is then easier for the second baby to go out. Delivery of the second baby, however, may have complications with the cord or placenta. This is why it is closely monitored. If the baby is out of position, the doctor may try to turn it around the uterus. In some cases, especially if the two e baby seat or shows signs of suffering, a cesarean section may be necessary. It is estimated that in 40% of twin pregnancies, both babies show up by the head.Multiple Pregnancy Symptoms

In the case of triplets, caesarean section is recommended.

Back to home

Returning home with twins is a demanding step. Do not hesitate to accept all the help available, whether it comes from your family, your friends or a relevailles organization. However, take the trouble to explain your needs.You can also plan some things before giving birth. Trisomy 21 Risk Normal RangeFor example, cook in large quantities and freeze portions that can help you after the arrival of babies.To prepare the room and the accessories you will need, do not buy everything in duplicate. Borrow some items from your family or friends.


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