Pregnancy: nosebleeds

Our today topic is nosebleeds in pregnancy.We will talk about nosebleeds in pregnancy.What are the reasons of nosebleeds in pregnancy?nosebleeds in pregnancyWhat are the treatments of nosebleeds in pregnancy?Did you know that estrogen, a female hormone, can cause nasal congestion, increased nasal secretions and nosebleeds during pregnancy?

Nosebleeds In Pregnancy

Here are some things you can do to avoid these inconveniences.

Avoid overheated parts as heat dries mucous membranes and makes them more likely to bleed.
Most decongestants are not recommended during the 1 st quarter. However, they can be used from 2 th quarter. This is particularly the case of decongestants tablets (SudafedĀ®). Decongestants sold as a nasal spray (OtrivinĀ® and DristanĀ®) can also be used for short periods of time, ie less than 3 days. If symptoms persist, then consult a health care professional.
Avoid places where people smoke.nosebleeds in pregnancy
Inhale the steam that emerges from a hot shower or a bowl of hot water.
Massage your sinuses with the tips of your fingers.
Use nasal drops made of saline water. You can make your own drops by dissolving 2.5 ml (1/2 teaspoon) of salt in 250 ml of boiled water (1 cup).
Update on humidifiers
Humidifiers are now discouraged by many health experts. When not properly cleaned, these devices are good environments for bacteria and mold growth, as the water in the room remains at room temperature for long periods of time. On the other hand, very few people would respect the maintenance routine recommended by the manufacturers.


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