Pregnancy: prenatal classes

Our today topic is pregnancy exercise classes.We will talk about pregnancy exercise classes.pregnancy exercise classesWhat are the advantages of pregnancy exercise classes?Prenatal classes are a good opportunity to find answers to your questions about pregnancy and the first moments with your newborn . They are not mandatory, but they are strongly recommended during a first pregnancy. In addition to helping you in your preparation, they will allow you to meet other future parents and exchange with them.

Where are the prenatal classes?
When to start classes
What are we learning?
Can the father participate?pregnancy exercise classes

Where are the prenatal classes?
There are several types of prenatal classes. Here are the main formulas for prenatal meetings that can be found in many regions of Quebec.

At the CLSC in your area : a nurse is usually responsible for facilitating group meetings. These are often free, but some CLSCs charge about $ 50.
In community organizations (eg, family homes and perinatal resource centers) : in some cases, classes are free with a reference from the CLSC while in others, it will cost one hundred dollars.
In a birth house : mothers who receive their follow-up can participate in free prenatal classes offered by a midwife.

Pregnancy Exercise Classes

With a companion at birth : these classes are given in private, semi-private or group. Depending on the type of course chosen, it is expected between $ 150 and $ 350. Some caregivers give receipts to pay part of the costs through a private insurance plan.
Online : For some time now, some professionals have been offering courses to watch online. The price ranges from $ 50 to $ 150.pregnancy exercise classes
When to start classes
The meetings usually begin between the 20 th and 25 th week of pregnancy, but registration can often be done as early as the 12 th week. Classes take place in the evening or on an intensive weekend. The meetings are spread over a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

What are we learning?
Course content varies from place to place. Some issues, however, remain essential: the evolution of pregnancy and lifestyle preferred (diet, exercise, etc.), the delivery , care of newborn the feeding and the role of the parent .pregnancy exercise classes

Can the father participate?
Most of the time, men are encouraged to accompany their spouse. The prenatal classes allow the father to have a better idea of ​​what awaits him and to feel equipped during childbirth and the arrival of baby . He will particularly appreciate these meetings if he is given the floor and if he has the opportunity to interact with other men. The presence of the father is also advantageous for the couple since it allows to initiate a dialogue. The prenatal classes offer topics to discuss together such as your expectations, the way your life will change or the adjustments to be made (eg paternity leave or job sharing).


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