Shortness of breath during pregnancy

Our today topic is shortness of breath during pregnancy.We will talk about shortness of breath during pregnancy.Shortness of breath during pregnancyShortness of breath is a common and normal condition of pregnancy. Almost 60% of pregnant women feel breathless. During the 1st trimester , you may have shortness of breath due to the modification of your respiratory system. In the last months of your pregnancy, pressure from your expanding uterus on your diaphragm decreases your lung capacity, which can also cause shortness of breath.

To reduce the discomfort that shortness of breath causes, you can:

monitor your posture and keep your back straight;
lift the head of your bed slightly or use an extra pillow to sleep in a semi-sitting position;
do the following exercise and repeat until you breathe easier:

Shortness Of Breath During Pregnancy

– stand with your feet glued to the floor or lying on your back with your legs bent;
– inhale slowly while lifting and stretching your arms above your head. This movement will have the effect of stretching the rib cage;Shortness of breath during pregnancy
– Exhale slowly, bringing the arms to each side of the body.
Avoid as much as possible the places where people smoke, because second-hand smoke can be harmful for both you and your baby.
If this is your first pregnancy, you may experience a decrease in shortness of breath in the last few weeks before delivery . At this point, the baby engages in the pelvis, which has the effect of reducing the pressure on the diaphragm. For the following pregnancies, the descent of the fetus is often done during work so the feeling of relief is less felt.

If your condition does not improve or worsen, consult your doctor immediately.


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