Weight gain during pregnancy

Our today topic is weight gain during pregnancy.We will talk about weight gain during pregnancy.What are the causes of weight gain during pregnancy?Weight gain during pregnancy differs from woman to woman. Most women who have a healthy weight gain about 11.5 kg to 16 kg during pregnancy (25 to 35 pounds). Of course, those with more than one baby (twins, triplets) should expect to gain more weight.Weight Gain During Pregnancy

It is recommended that women who weigh less than their healthy weight gain more weight, from 12.5 to 18 kg (28 to 40 pounds). Conversely, those who are overweight before pregnancy may be advised to try not to weigh more than 25 pounds.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Weight gain can vary during pregnancy. In general, women gain less weight in the first trimester, from 1.6 to 2.3 kg (3.5 to 5 pounds).

Nausea in early pregnancy can decrease appetite so that some women can lose weight in 1 st quarter. Usually, weight gain is restored afterwards.Weight Gain During Pregnancy

During the 2 e and 3 e quarters, weight gain is according to the rhythm of every woman. To situate yourself, it is normal to take about 0.5 kg (1 pound) per week during the last 2 trimesters of pregnancy.Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Most of the weight gain can be explained by all the transformations that take place in the woman’s body to enable her to give birth to a child.

This is how weight gain is distributed during pregnancy, at 40 weeks, in a woman who took 12.5 kg (about 28 lbs):

blood, placenta , uterus, and amniotic fluid make up the bulk of the gained weight;
the weight of the fetus represents about a quarter;

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

the accumulated weight in the form of fat, which has served as a valuable energy source for the mother and the fetus , is only about 3 kg (6.6 lb) at the time of delivery.Weight Gain During Pregnancy
However, what matters most to the pregnant woman is not to monitor the weight gained over the weeks, but to have a balanced diet . By eating well and staying active , you should gain the weight that is necessary for your health and that of your unborn baby.

The weight taken in early pregnancy
until the 15 th week of pregnancy, 3 to 4 kilos that are caught are mostly protein stores (in muscles) and fat (adipose tissue) of the mother. In fact, the embryo weighs only 300 g to 400 g. These reserves play a crucial role later in the pregnancy. From 2 th quarter, fetal weight increases.


Body Changes During Pregnancy

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